It all started with a Facebook status…


Just another average day, browsing Facebook and up pops a status which catches my eye from an old Sixth Form acquaintance, Joe Burridge. “Recruitment Consultant wanted to work in London” or something to that effect. So this was of interest to me as I previously worked in IT Recruitment for nearly two and a half years and the opportunity to move to the big smoke was very appealing.

A Skype interview was set up for Wednesday 28th August, all went well and I was invited down to London for a final interview….THE NEXT DAY! Although overwhelming, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity so a train ticket and £90 later I found myself in the capital. Just seeing the offices and the surrounding area was enough to sell to me the idea of making the big move and all fingers were crossed after a positive interview with the Director and other members of the company (including Joe after a 5 year absence in my life!). 

Friday comes and I eagerly await a call from Blair (Founder/Director) with the make or break news. Good news, the job is mine if I want it, and of course I did!

2 weeks later and I find myself at Exeter bus station about to board the megabus (£9) to London. It still hadn’t hit me at this point just what I was doing, all I knew was all I had was a suitcase and minimal knowledge of the geography of London. 

So, my first destination was Joe’s flat where I would be living until I settle in and find my own abode. I’m currently writing this blog from his sofa which also happens to be my bed! But all jokes a side, I wouldn’t have made this positive move if I hadn’t had somewhere to stay (and someone to make my meals/be my tour guide) so a big thanks to Joe!

Anyway, the next few posts will be about my first week (well, all of what I can remember.

Hope this hasn’t been too boring and hope you continue to follow my adventure in the Big Smoke!






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