It begins…



My second day in London would also be my first day in my new job with Personnel-IT, scary but exciting at the same time. This would be my first time experiencing rush hour commuting on the Tube. Colliers Wood is the 3rd from last tube stop on the Southern end of the Northern Line (the black one!) and this is where my commute starts everyday. 

The volume of people commuting on the underground didn’t annoy me as much as I was expecting and I usually shut it out by burying my head in a book or the free Metro!

Our stop, Elephant & Castle. It’s still a 10 minute walk to reach the office in Southwark but as E&C is right on the border of Zones 1 & 2, it costs just £1.60 and I’m all about saving money wherever I can at the moment!

The office is based on Great Suffolk Street in Southwark, South East London and has a cracking view of the Shard (at 87-storey’s, it is the tallest building in the EU!), pictures to follow. 

The first day was a mix of excitement and the realisation that I was actually here, in London! I hadn’t had a chance to properly processes what I was doing and it hit me square in the face all at once. 

So the first day left me unsure of how I really felt about the move but that was all set to change as the week went on!



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