The first week!

So Monday left me feeling unsure and also a little scared as to what was ahead but that soon past as I settled in during the week.

Desperately trying to remember what I actually got up to at the start of last week!

Having been away from recruitment for nearly a year it took me a couple of days to get back in to it but once I did I really began to enjoy the challenge!

On to more interesting news, 17th September brought about the release of arguably the biggest thing to ever happen within the whole Entertainment industry!! GTA V made $800 million in it’s first day and broke the $1 billion barrier by its 3rd day on the market. How much did it cost to make? £170million!!!! Just crazy. Anyway, me and Joe were devising a plan of going splits with his flatmate Matt. We arrived home after work on Wednesday (empty handed) to find Matt already playing having bought it that day (happy days!!!). What a game!!

Thursday 19th September – I had the honor of joining Joe on his Thursday Club when he meets up with a couple of his buddies from back home. We spent a few hours in a Cuban-esque cocktail bar during happy hour – 2 cocktails for £11 both containing 5 shots each!! Made for an entertaining tube ride home!

Friday 20th September – Curry Friday – An “office” tradition where lunch is spent at an all you can eat curry house costing just a Fiver!! I say “office” as Joe has ended up becoming a lone ranger but not anymore, I’m definitely getting in on this tradition. We took a quick de-tour on the way back to get a view of the shard from the bottom!

Friday night started off in Camden where I experienced my first £4 pint (which I have been told is reasonably cheap for London!!! Jeeeeez). Anyway, we were in Camden as a band from Exeter (The Computers) were playing in Koko’s and we thought we’d go along only to find out they wouldn’t be on until 12:25am!! So we jumped on the next tube and headed to Shoreditch and then headed back home!

The rest of the weekend was mostly spent sorting things. Took a train to Potters Bar on Saturday night to hang out with The one the only Tom Yalland!

I managed to get in a bit of sight seeing on Sunday including London Bridge, St. Paul’s, Fleet Street and Covent Garden.

So that was my first week in a very unorganised nutshell. Needless to say I am now really enjoying both working and living in London and this week the Flat hunt has begun!

I won’t be continuing the blog like this but will post things which may be relatively interesting rather than a day-today diary thing!!!!


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