Return of the M.A.C!

Saturday 28th September

Today I was looking forward to catching up with my Father who had come to London the night before for a Police Cadets reunion of whom he was a part of in 1976 (?).

We decided to rendezvous at the St. Pauls side of the millenium bridge and work out what to do from there. Being new to London I decided to get off at London Bridge as this is straight down on the Northern Line and it didn’t look too far away (on the tube map!!). Turns out it was another 10-15 minute walk but I got in a couple of sights on the way!

As it turns out, Dad did the same thing, confusing Vauxhall bridge for the Millennium bridge resulting in an equally long walk to the bridge! So, we were looking for somewhere to catch the London derby (Chelsea V Spurs) but first, something to eat. We made our way towards Waterloo as Dad knew this “characteristic” pub located under the bridge at Waterloo (Kirsty, do you remember this place?!).

On the way we stopped at a street market and had some Slovenian steak burgers as well as a couple of ale’s!

Arriving at the pub we weren’t 100% sure if they were actually showing the game, turns out they weren’t but the landlord was kind enough to point us to a pub down the road (The Wellington) who were showing it. Spurs fans for the day, wasn’t too disappointed with the result.

After the football we had to part ways as Dad had a coach to catch home!! But good to see you Pops!!

The rest of the week was pretty quiet, spent getting the all important GTA V hours in and catching up with Breaking Bad!!!



Tower Bridge, taken from London Bridge!!


Walkie Talkie building. During the summer the sunlight reflected off this building and literally melted a Jaguar!!


Millennium Bridge.


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