The Importance of Social Networking



Social Networking is an extremely powerful tool for the “new age” recruiter. It has revolutionised the way we interact with friends, family, colleagues and there are arguments both for and against, but there is no doubt how deeply resourceful it can be for an IT Recruiter, if utilised correctly.

Within my first position in recruitment, Social Networking was only really beginning to knock on the door of online Recruitment and still hadn’t quite fully developed in to the behemoth it is today. I had my own personal twitter account which admittedly I never really understood and was only really interested during the Ryder Cup when you had an intimate and unique look in to the player’s experiences. Anyway, LinkedIn was already a dominant force in Recruitment and if you weren’t on there (recruiter or professional) you were certainly missing a trick.

Towards the end of my time at BlueGlue I did try and get the ball rolling in regards to twitter but a lot of time needs to be invested building a following and making sure your tweets are reaching the correct audiences, this is time I decided to invest elsewhere. LinkedIn on the other hand became my most successful source for hires both permanent and contract (more likely contract).

Since joining Personnel-IT two and a half weeks ago, my LinkedIn connections have more than doubled and I want to stress that all the connections I make are relevant to the industry I am recruiting in. I believe this is very important, you need to ensure the information you are putting out there is reaching the audience you want to work with. This, in my opinion, is where twitter dramatically differs from LinkedIn. Twitter almost becomes a status symbol with the more followers you have the better, regardless of their relevance to your professional life. Don’t get me wrong, LinkedIn can also be abused in this way with people wanting to gain as many connections as possible as a show of force. But generally, the community you build and the audience you reach is a lot more targeted to your area of expertise.

So remember, putting in the difficult, gritty ground work WILL pay off and ultimately you will create an irrefutably valuable resource when it comes to recruiting in your chosen industry. 


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