Football & Flats.

It’s been a busy weekend meeting old faces and new.

Friday started with a walk to Embankment to meet my Buddy Jack who I haven’t seen since the start of this year as he’s been busy educating himself at Oxford! First stop a pub and we managed to find ourselves in a very odd place with interesting people!

Couldn’t stay long as we were heading to Potters Bar to meet Tom for a FIFA 14 tournament!

Rules were, your team could only be a maximum of 4.5 stars, my choice……..Sweden?!

You may laugh but I managed to go unbeaten up until the Quarter Final’s where I eventually lost 4-1 (please note; many bottles of beer had been consumed by this point!!).

Saturday morning, all I wanted to do was sleep but we had a 5-a-side tournament to conquer! Due to not feeling 100% the quality of football wasn’t great but it was enjoyable none the less.

Sunday, I had a couple of room viewings set up not far from where I currently am. One I was particulalrly keen on, based in Wimbledon it had its own en-suite! I tried to make as good an impression as possible and just had to wait to see if they wanted to offer me the room!

So a football packed weekend rounded off with a potential permanent residence on the cards!


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