Knowledge Is Power



Research, research, research!

You can never know too much about the market you are recruiting in or the clients you are recruiting for. At the same time it is important to not waste valuable resourcing time by over analysing a role or a client, a balance must be struck.

Yes, Knowledge is power but it is the application of that knowledge that will really set you apart. As Albert wisely states above “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”. Being able to describe a job role in a simple and concise manner will make a prospective candidate more confident in your ability to guide them through the application process because you really do know what is required. 

Every candidate is different and therefore will want different information from you be it salary, location or career prospects. Expect the unexpected by covering as much ground in your research as possible and if you genuinely don’t know the answer, be honest and ensure that you will find the answer as soon as possible.

Scripts are all well and good for having the information in front of you but you take the risk of sounding robotic/monotonous and a candidate will more than likely lose interest. It is much better to have the key information in front of you with some keywords to remind yourself of what the position entails/requires which will make for a much more free flowing conversation with a prospective candidate.

This is also applies to candidates going forward for a position, especially at interview stage. The first thing a company will want to know is why you want to work for them and how much you know about what they do. Look at the company website, look up key members on LinkedIn, highlight technologies they work with that interest you or products they are making.

So there is a fine balance between enough research and too much. Only you will know when you are confident enough to begin “selling” a role or client to a candidate but be sure to not go in to overkill with your research as this will take up valuable resourcing time! And remember, keep it simple.


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