Keeping Your Feet On The Ground


Last night we witnessed a thrilling game which saw England through to the World Cup finals next year in Rio. Not only was it refreshing to see an attacking England team but they looked genuinely hungry and passionate.

In true English mentality we have of course more or less won the World Cup now so prepare yourselves for 12 months of growing hope and expect to hear a lot of “this is our year, I can feel it”! But 48 years of hurt is more than enough to keep our expectations in check.

Within recruitment it is easy to get carried away when you find the perfect candidate or that same candidate has made it to the final stage of interviews with all the right noises being made by the client. It’s important to keep your feet on the ground as any number of things can bring it all crashing down. Don’t become lazy or idle just because it seems you are on to a sure thing, see it through to the end.

Once that offer has been made and accepted or the World Cup is Steven Gerrard’s hands, then and only then can we truly do a Sir Bobby Moore (see above)!


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