Friday Feeling #1

Welcome to Friday Feeling! Now I have begun to settle in to the big City I am going to begin a weekly post, recommending a drinking establishment where you can see in the weekend. Based on the many unique places London has to offer and which I will have occupied at least once.

The Craft Beer Co


Craft have four pubs based in Islington, Brixton, Clerkenwell and Brighton, with another soon to open in Clapham. I have only visited their Brixton establishment thus far.

Craft offer a very wide variety of Cask, Keg and Bottled beers from Europe and the rest of the World so perfect for any Beer connoisseurs out there.

“Our ethos is a simple one – to be known as the place to discover what the best brewers in the UK, across Europe and the World are creating.”

There has been an increase in the number of beer drinkers in recent years giving rise to a lot of similar exciting establishments such as Craft opening up across London and you won’t see me complaining. Craft even offer Beer Tasting sessions which is also a rising trend and one I hope to experience soon.

Prices range dependent on the strength of the beer and can range from £3-6 for half pints. So although not the cheapest, you ahve to remember you are also paying for the experience and sheer selection of beers on offer. I went for a dark number named Iniquity and at 9.8% it cost me £4.95 for half a pint, but well worth it for a quick visit.

All in all, I would highly recommend you visit any of the Craft’s establishments around London. It really is an experience and the staff are all real ‘Beer Buffs’ who are more than happy to talk you through the beers on offer to help you find the right one!





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