Friday Feeling #2

The Porterhouse

I stumbled across The Porterhouse while looking for somewhere to escape the rain, but more importantly, to catch the England Vs Australia game. Located just off the main square of Covent Garden, the first thing that struck me was the decor of this place. If you’re a fan of copper (each to their own) then you will love it here. It was almost like walking in to a working brewery with copper pipes firing off in all directions.

First stop, the bar! Having just paid £11.20 for two pints of Peroni and the Punch and Judy tavern overlooking Covent Garden, I was expecting my wallet to take another hit. However, I was pleasantly surprised to only be charged £3.20 (it was like being back home!). The Porterhouse have two lagers (draught) on offer, both brewed in Dublin, Chiller (a light lager) and Temple Bräu (my choice). I have to say, it was something different but still went down very nicely. Being half Irish, it was nice to sample some “home” brewed tipples from the Emerald Isle itself.

Porterhouse also offer a variety of Stouts and Ales which I look forward to sampling on my return.

The only drawback when I visited was the fact it was VERY busy with both the Rugby and Football but imagine it would be a lot quieter on week nights.

If you’re ever in Covent Garden be sure to check this place out. A great environment and it offers something a little different in the way of the beers/lagers on offer.

More info can be found here – and

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Covent Garden


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