Be Human

It’s no secret that the Recruitment industry has been given somewhat of a bad image by a select group of Agencies and individual consultants.

Yesterday, something quite extraordinary happened thanks to the power of Social Media. A candidate had been told by a Recruitment consultant that he would not be put forward for a role if he wasn’t willing to disclose full information on the company he had interviewed for the day prior. Disgruntled, the candidate posted a status on LinkedIn exposing the Agency in question and revealing their underhanded practices. As I type this, it is 16 hours since that was posted and it has already gained nearly 600 likes and just under 150 comments. Not a good day for the agency in question. Unfortunately, asking for client details is common in some Agencies (not here at Personnel-IT I must stress) in an attempt to source New Business. But to essentially Blackmail a candidate in to gaining that information really is beyond belief.

This kind of thing is really making it hard for us good guy recruiters who I promise are in the majority. But as with most things in life, it is the minority who make the biggest impact.

Be human. Treat individuals with respect; let them know that you genuinely care about their career prospects. Yes, you may speak to multiple candidates in one day but each should be handled on an individual basis given as much time and effort as the last. You are building relationships here which will be mutually beneficial in the future, take the time to establish that trust.



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