Where It All Began


Click the link above and you’ll be transported back to 1992 and introduced to the earliest (available) and first website to ever exist. Stick on a bit of Sir Mix A-Lot and really lose yourself in the nostalgia!

The site was made available earlier this year to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the World Wide Web being made freely available to everyone. Here are the official documents.

Compare that to where we are now and it really is staggering to see how far it has come. The Web has never been a more exciting platform to work on with the constant emergence of new cutting edge technology as well as the rapid advancement of already exciting tech.

I also want to raise a metaphorical glass to Tim Berners-Lee for making his creation available freely with no patent and no royalties due. Allowing all of us to connect freely and opening the flood gates for design and development. If only we had more Berners-Lee’s in this World, it would certainly be a better place.

So no matter how small an idea is or the humble beginnings it sprouts from, who knows where it could lead. If you believe in something enough you can make it work or hold your head up high in failure.

Below, a picture which perhaps sums up the internet today!


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