The Final Countdown (before Christmas)

For a lot of us, this time of the working year is often the busiest. Either were trying to tie everything up before leaving for the holidays, some of the team have already left for the holiday doubling the work load or you’re working over the Christmas period. But lets not forget, IT IS NEARLY CHRISTMAS!

For me this is the most I have looked forward to a Christmas in a long time as a result of having moved to London and not seeing Friends and Family as often as I would like. For some strange reason I am looking forward to spending time with the crazy lot I call my Family and having not seen my oldest sister for nearly a year, there shall be a lot to catch up on. Eat, drink, drink, eat, drink, eat, eat, drink and be merry is the plan!

So today is my last day in the office before heading back to Devon on Monday and returning on the 5th January. To everyone who takes the time to read my blogs Thank You, it really is appreciated. This will be the last post before the New Year (probably).

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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