Friday Feeling #4

Teign Cellars

This week’s Friday Feeling comes from my hometown of Newton Abbot in Devon. 

Teign Cellars opened not long before I left for London, originally being a shop selling specialty Beers and Cider’s. I only had a chance to visit a couple of times before moving but was immediately impressed by the place as it offered something genuinely different with a wide range of World beers and cider.

Over the Christmas period I had a chance to visit again and with my growing taste for various Beers, my interest and enjoyment increased greatly this time around. Getting older, I have become sick of having to choose from the small choice of Lagers on offer and waking up with the same old banging headache as a result. I’ve always enjoyed a good Ale/Beer, even more so now where going to the pub can mean having 3 or 4 pints as opposed to feeling obliged to get royally s**tfaced!

That said, Teign Cellars offer the best range of Beers from around the World, rivaled by none (in Newton Abbot anyway). I enjoyed Camden’s Ink Stout (as I was missing London) and Moor’s Radiance. There is plenty of choice on offer to satisfy every Beer lovers need and maybe introduce you to a new tipple. They also provide some lovely food, although I didn’t have a chance to have a meal myself while I was there, it certainly looked good!

As well as the bar, Teign Cellars still have the shop available from within the Pub itself offering all sorts of Beers, Ciders, Wine and spirits from around the world as well as gifts.

With Teign Cellars being on the same street as Ye Olde Cider Bar (a Mecca for any Cider lover) everyone is catered for. I would strongly recommend you give them a visit as you won’t find anywhere else like it in the South West!

More info on the history of the pub and it’s owner Stuart can be found here – Teign Cellars Info

Teign Cellars – East Street, Newton Abbot


Camden Ink Stout (Courtesy of Teign Cellars via Trip Advisor)




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