New Kids On The Block

At the start of the year, LinkedIn published an Infographic titled “Top 10 Job Titles That Barely Existed 5 Year’s Ago”. This was put together using 259 million members’ profiles to determine the top 10 most popular job titles that were nowhere to be found in 2008. This makes for interesting reading given the explosion of Social Media and the need for Data experts over the past 5 years which has ultimately changed the way we look at things and opened up new avenues for both IT and Non-IT businesses alike.

This morning I was handed a new role with the title of “Growth Hacker”. Admittedly I had never heard of this type of position before so a little research was needed. If you come from a Marketing background but also possess web skills (HTML/CSS/JS) then this is an excellent time to explore this sort of position as you will certainly be in demand in 2014……watch this space. (P.S, get in touch if you would like to discuss this role).

LinkedIn’s Top 10 Job Titles That Barely Existed 5 Year’s Ago



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