A Rip Roaring Day With Roy Ripper

It’s Wednesday and a typically cold January morning but I was feeling positive as I was on my way to Recruiter RapidTrack with Roy Ripper (yes, that’s his real name). Roy Ripper won’t be a new name to many of you, if you’re in recruitment and you have an interest in further training, there aren’t many better equipped than Mr. Ripper to boost your career. 

I had previously had the pleasure of being trained by Roy while in my first recruitment position back in Devon. With 27 years experience in the business starting with a phone and a phone directory to working with multi-million pound companies and finally venturing in to training, he really knows what he’s talking about but more importantly knows what works.

Roy really has a way of engaging with you as a trainee and making sure you are involved as much as possible in order to not only keep your attention but ensure you are able to retain the knowledge he has departed. And that knowledge is absolute ‘Gold Dust’, it’s so simple but so effective. Stick to Roy’s 39 steps, learn them until they are second nature and you will see the results.

If you have any interest in advancing your career in recruitment then I would strongly recommend you put your MD in touch with Roy Ripper or seek him out of your own accord, it will only be positive for your career.

One piece of inspiration before I go. It turned out someone had traveled from Glasgow just to see Roy that day. That in itself isn’t all that impressive (there was someone as far as Mongolia who attended) but this young lady was unemployed and paid for both her train tickets and the ticket for the training day at her own expense. What’s more, she didn’t have any experience in recruitment but it was an area she wanted to get in to. With this, Roy set up a meeting for her with his friend based in Glasgow to see if there were any vacancies, he will also give her access to his new training material (worth £2,000) completely free of charge. If this doesn’t inspire you to do whatever it takes to succeed, I don’t know what will.




One thought on “A Rip Roaring Day With Roy Ripper

  1. Hey Sam! Thank you so much for your very kind words/review. It was a pleasure to meet and work with you again and thank you for your contribution to a brilliant event #RecruiterRapidTrack. Hope we get a chance to work together again soon! Roy

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