Friday Feeling #5

Jacks Bar

Last night we headed out for our first Team Drinks of the year, the final stop of the night was Jacks which can be found just behind Southwark tube station and a stone’s throw from Waterloo. Jacks shares this strip with a few other bars and restaurants, one of which is Thai Silk where we had started the evening and which I can highly recommend!

Jacks has a great feel about it, it’s a large open space downstairs but also has plenty of seating as it doubles up as a restaurant in the day. Up on the balcony you will find the DJ just above the luminous Pizza, Wings, Dogs sign, he must of been doing a good job as some shapes were thrown and some dignity lost!

One thing which caught my eye was two great big Beer tanks emblazoned with Meantime Brewery and hooked up straight to the pumps on the bar, I didn’t get a chance to try it unfortunately as I had moved on from the beer by that point!

All in all Jacks seems to be a regular for many and I can see why, nice surroundings, good atmosphere and staff who seem genuinely interested in what they are doing.

More info here – Jacks

(This also happens to be my 50th post so thank you all for viewing!)



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