From Where I Stand, I Can See The Curvature Of The Earth

Excuse the long title but I can’t help using Alexisonfire lyrics when the opportunity presents itself.

Tonight, for the first time in my life, I went to the cinema……ALONEBut boy am I glad I did.

Gravity has to be one of the most emotionally draining films I have ever seen, from start to finish, relentless. It’s also the first movie I have seen in IMAX, which certainly added to the already stunning visuals and music/sfx. The visuals, what can I say about them without completely underselling it? Lets just say this, you won’t believe you are watching a film which is 80% CG. They are truly beautiful/exquisite/stunning/spectacular/striking, use what ever adjective you like, you really have to see it to believe it. They pull you in and you will find it hard not to believe what you are seeing is the real thing (again IMAX certainly added to that).

At 91 minutes, it doesn’t pull any punches and uses every minute to beat the crap out of you emotionally! Hats off to Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as well, perfectly cast and executed!

Gravity has been out for a while now so there aren’t many places you can still catch it. But if you have a couple of hours free I would highly recommend you see it at the cinema (ideally at an IMAX). Failing that, grab it when it comes out on DVD and just watch it with your face really close to the screen and the volume turned up to 11!

I warn you now, if you are emotionally unstable, this scene will break you.


5 thoughts on “From Where I Stand, I Can See The Curvature Of The Earth

  1. I feel confused. You say: “.. has to be one of the most emotionally draining films ..”

    Emotionally draining, is definitely something I don’t need in entertainment. Live is hard enough, and I’m glad if there are moments when I can feel happy and smile.

    Why would I want to spend 90 minutes to become emotially drained and exhausted?

    Still you advertise the movie and call it good …

    1. So you want to watch a film and not be affected by it? I want a rollercoaster ride, I want to feel something, experience something and be entertained! By emotionally drained I mean I genuinely connected with the characters stories, felt hope, felt despair, felt joy! If you don’t want these things, can I recommend anything by Zac Effron, you’ll probably enjoy that.

      1. I’ve not watched a movie since more than 10 years, because the drama was too painful for my soul. Life has enough drama, I don’t need artificial drama. Particularly since I must take a totally passive role and can’t even help the characters whom I feel in to be in need of support. I’m damned to being a helpless visitor, and suffer through all meanness that the book had for the character. This is mental torture.

        I’ll never figure why others watch movies. I also have no TV for the same reason.

        A rollercoaster ride is something different. It gives me sensations (not the same as emotions) which I can’t experience otherwise. The sensation of falling, compression, speed, acceleration.

        I don’t think you can compare a physical experience like a rollercoaster with a mental experience like a movie.

      2. If someone cries during a movie is that not a physical reaction? Seeing something IS in its very definition a physical experience which in turn evokes a mental response or vice versa.
        I feel genuinely sorry for you if you cannot appreciate the beauty of (some) Film and TV. But hey ho, each to their own!

      3. I have a way too high empathy with the characters. The emotions are overwhelming and my reaction is to avoid such.

        Yes I’ve been crying as a child when my parents too me to movies. I also was scared like hell in other cases, and it ruined my sleep for many nights. Even some movies we were shown in school, I remember one particularly bad one about people who had been crippled in war. A horror movie that some comrades invited me to during my military time gave me bad memories for many years. I’m glad that those have faded a bit since then (20 years and some have passed since then).

        I definitely do not want such artificial memories bothering me.

        So I started to avoid movies and later also TV.

        Books have become a problem too … well, that’s life. But I hope I’ll be able to read books again some day.

        I just have been surprised that “emotionally draining” is seen as something good. I’m usually glad if I can establish some peace of mind, and it’s hard to keep that a longer time.

        Enjoy the movies 🙂

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