Change Is Good


Last week we were treated to the above image, a first look at Ben Affleck’s Batman as well as the Batmobile. Some significant differences can be noted when compared with Christian Bale’s most recent portrayal in Christopher Nolan’s brilliant trilogy. Affleck is certainly playing an older Batman and his costume is more in line with the design from Frank Miller’s ‘The Dark Knight Returns’.

After going viral, the picture has gained mixed reviews but for me, change is good. It’s been a while since we have seen a new Batman film so close to a previous rendition, Geroge Clooney’s Bat nipples saw to that. But the ability to re-invent yourself and welcome change rather than fight it can be a huge driving force in leading a successful life, both personally and professionally. Zack Snyder has borrowed heavily from Frank Miller’s comic book design of Batman but it also counts as a standalone design that we have never seen on the big screen.

Don’t be afraid to assess and take good traits from others and incorporate them into your own working life as long as they work for you. Think of yourself as a human patchwork quilt where there is always room for new material and the occasional tweak.

So, be open to change and a new way of working, it is very easy to fall in to a routine and follow habits. If you find yourself wondering why others in the office are more successful or are landing more deals, ask yourself the question; ‘What could I do differently?’ You make your own luck.


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