Persistence beats Resistance


Energy and persistence conquer all things. -Benjamin Franklin

One of my favorite sayings; Persistence beats resistance. Particularly fitting for my line of work; IT Recruitment.

Business Development is a particular area of the job which I personally have had somewhat of a rocky relationship with. Since joining ECOM 3 or so months ago, I have come on leaps and bounds in this area, winning new business but also successfully placing within these companies.

Business Development is very easy to over complicate where sometimes the most basic of practices can have the best results. There is no point in trying to re-invent the wheel. Ultimately, persistence, routine and a good approach will reap the best response. Even if that response is a polite no, it is invaluable information to have while growing your client list.

Know who you’re targeting:

Be it a particular industry or technology, knowing who you are targeting and why gives you much more credibility as a recruiter. If you can give examples of similar companies you have recruited for or types of candidates you have placed, your value instantly increases.

Make lists:

Always document your Business Development. Know who you’ve tried contacting and when as well as the outcome. Have as long a list of clients as possible which can be shortened in to a more targeted list as you gather more info along the way, based on who is likely to hire and if it is worth your time.

Dig for Gold:

As a lot of your time will be spent frustratingly trying to get someone on the other end of the phone, make sure you don’t waste your opportunity when that time does come. Have an idea of what you want from a phone call and make sure you try your hardest to get it. Recruitment process, who is involved (decision makers), what type (perm / contract), have / do they use agencies etc.

Keep it regular:

Set yourself calendar invites every couple of weeks for target clients or more regularly if you haven’t spoken to them. Persistence beats resistance.

Always follow up:

Let them know you are there and keen to engage. If you say you are going to do something, do it. Recruitment is a big business right now, you will be easily forgotten given the amount of calls / e-mails hiring managers receive from recruiter’s every day. Be sympathetic to this and try to stand out.

And finally, be lucky. Luck and timing will often throw up new business for you, all you can do is make sure you have done everything possible to win that new business. You make your own luck.


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