They Must Be Mad


No one has ever become poor from giving – Anne Frank

So, my Father, both sisters and an unofficial Brother In Law are attempting to complete John O’Groats to Lands End (JOGLE) by bike on the 27th March, planned to last for 12 days. I, unfortunately, can’t join due to work commitments (that’s the only reason I swear…).

To give you an idea of how immense that challenge is, here are some stats:

  • Approx. 950 miles
  • Averaging 87 miles a day
  • Approx. 10 hours spent on the bike each day for 12 days
  • 1 energy gel per person every 20 minutes, that’s 120 a day over 12 days = 1440 energy gels!

Why are they doing this? To raise money for some very close to home causes.

In the summer, my sister Kirsty was admitted in to hospital after having pins and needles down the entire right hand side of her body. She had both a CT and MRI scan of her brain and was discharged from hospital with a possible diagnosis of MS.

A couple of weeks later she saw a neurologist who seemed to think it was more likely to be something called ADEM, which is similar to MS in that it leaves scars on the brain, but ADEM is just a one-off virus and not a life long debilitating disease.

She had to return for a follow-up appointment where she saw a different neurologist who didn’t seem so sure about it being ADEM. She had another MRI scan of the brain and we are now awaiting the results to see what is going on inside her head.

Also last year my Grandfather was diagnosed with Dementia. My Father spent 7 months living in with him while everything was put in place so he could have quality of life and thankfully that is now complete.

Therefore, they will be raising money for two charities: Multiple Sclerosis Society and Alzheimer’s Society.

Their fundraising pages can be found here:

I ask you please to give what you can and offer as much support as possible, it will certainly be tough for them but what an achievement it will be at the end.



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