Make a House a Home – how to attract top talent

Replace “House” with Office and “Home” with enjoyable working environment and you’ve found a magic formula!

I’m a digital recruiter and it is my job to find the best developers out there for some of the most exciting companies in London. With a considerable skills shortage in this industry, making your company stand out can be just as important as how much money you are willing to pay.

Last year, CapGemini released a paper outlining the Digital Talent Gap, one of their finds included:

“It is estimated that over 4.4 million IT jobs will be created around Big Data by 2015; however, only a third of these new jobs will be filled”Capgemini

In short, skilled candidates are in demand and they won’t be short of choices when it comes to new roles. So how do you get ahead of the competition?

Assuming the candidate already has an interest in what you do or is excited in the product you are building, there are other ways to seal the deal.

The money you are willing to pay is one strategy but salaries generally won’t vary significantly. The environment you create for your employees can be the deal breaker. This is where your employees will be spending 8+ hours a day working and coming up with those eureka moments, making that environment as enjoyable and unrestrictive as possible can really set you apart. There are several things you can do such as flexible hours, bright open office / working space, fresh fruit available all day, lunch/dinners, break out areas, recreational equipment (games consoles, pool table, ping pong). Modern day life is full of stresses outside of work, you will get the best out of your employees if you give them the freedom their creativity deserves.

Richard Branson once said the below:


He went on to say “If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers”. It really can be that simple!

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